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Areas of Expertise

• Comprehensive financial planning

• Wealth management and portfolio design

• Estate and legacy planning

• Income tax strategies

• Protection planning (life, disability and long-term care)

• Divorce planning

Life Insurance

As an independent advisor, we work with many of the large life insurance carriers.  You can request life insurance quotes using our Easy Life quote system.

Easy Life

Investment Strategies

Mutual Funds & ETFs

Common Stocks

Preferred Stocks


Government Securities

Traditional IRAs

Roth IRAs

529 Plans

Structured Products




401(k) and Solo(k) Plans

Alternative Investments

Financial Planning

Retirement Strategies

Retirement Income Planning

Executive Planning

Cash Flow and Budgeting

Income Tax Planning

College Funding Strategies

401(k) Planning

Protection Planning

Deferred Compensation

RSU and ESPP Planning

Roth Conversions

Benefit Planning

Divorce Planning

Estate and Legacy Planning

Insurance Planning

Life Insurance

Disability Income Insurance

Property Casualty Insurance

Health Insurance

Long-Term-Care Insurance

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